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 Al-Wataniah For Agric. Marketing

 We work at nuts, medical herbs , fruit, vegetable, potato, tomato, cucumber ,sweet potato , eggplant ,green pea ,bean ,okra ,onion, guava, ,garlic ,Jew\'s mallow,strawberry,artichoke,orange,,tangerine,lemon,mango,dates,banana, apricot, And more products and all markets and factory needs We hope start business with you
  Tel: +202 2714577 fax: +202 27 000 88 Cell: +2010 3080684

 Nile Flavours & Aroma Chemicals

 Nile Flavours is the sole Agent & Distributor for Global Flavour houses, covering the Middle East & North Africa region (e.g. Omega Food Technology, Giotti ,Firmenich). The extended line includes food ingredients, e.g. colors, salts (citric, ascorbic), fruit bulbs .. etc. With offices in almost all the Arab countries, we are able to reach suitable agreements with our clients, innovative product ideas, and distiguished taste profiles.
  Tel-Fax: +202 7620631 - 7620632

 AL ARABIA for manufacturing and freezing vegetable

 manufacturing and freezing vegetables & friuts for exporting

 Al Dhabi Trading & Exporting Co.(ATEC)

 Al Dhabi Trading & Exporting Co. (ATEC) is a private Egyptian company Specialized in Exporting Egyptian Rice, Onion, Garlic, Potatoes, Iceberg/ Green Lettuce,Fresh Vegetables, Fresh Fruits and others
  Tel: +202 6717338 - Fax: +202 6717339

 Al Nasr Company for Dehydrating Agricultural Produ

 Onions, garlic, leeks, tomatoes & others
  Tel: +202 5746377 Fax: +202 5758755

 AL SHAMS Agro-Group (Egypt),

 wishes to introduce itself as a company offering the ability in exporting fresh citrus fruit around the world. We own an orange fruit farm of high standard and quality production.
  Tel: +202 7613012 - 7615833 FAX: +202 7613011

 Al Shams Agro Group

 Agriculture, Citrus Fruits, Food & Beverage .
  Tel: +202 7615998 Fax: +202 7613011


 Commercial Agencies Parteners in trade marks in the field of packing & distribution of food roducts .partners in implementing productive projects through the supply programs granted to Egypt-Agents& distributors all goods & products.
  Tel-Fax: +2047 551142

 Al Yemeni Cafe

 Green Coffee, Roasted & Ground Packaging Coffee .
  Tel: +202 3935980 Fax: +202 7958101

 Al-eman Co. LTD

 Navels, Valencia, Baladi and sweet oranges
  Tel: +2047 461357 - 460932 Fax +2047 461357

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